UCSD Telemetry Test Balloon

The goals of the missions are as follows:

Balloon 1:

Send a balloon with various climate change experiments which high school students might want to conduct in the future.  We are flying a ppm sensor, a CO2, O2, a Geiger counter, and a SunSPOT with a 3-axis accelerometer and SHT15 Temp / Humidity sensor.

Balloon 2:

Send a small, cheap balloon with various tracking systems to test for low-cost solutions and their effectiveness.  As noted above, we are using a Byonics MicroTrak, a Motorola i290 programmed to send data to hibal.org and sensor.network, and a SPOT satellite tracker.  Also onboard is a SunSPOT with its 3-axis accelerometer, SHT15, and a 3-axis magnetometer.

We launch tomorrow (7/17) very early.